Artist Collaborations

As well as original works I also work in collaboration with selected artist to create fresh and exciting works in glass. 


Rafel Delalande

Rafel is a London based tattoo artist working out of London's 'Seven doors tattoo'. Seven Doors is home to arguably Europe's best collection of tattoo artists. Rafel creates stunning intricate pointillistic works which lend them selves well to translation into stained glass panels. We have crated a series of work available from both HALTglass and Rafel himself. The piece pictured was Inspired by the French film Un Chien Andalou.


Lars Felding

Lars... Dane, Artist, Space enthusiast & Science fiction nerd. Not necessarily in that order. Sharing an interest with HALTglass in space pop art and collage. 


Paul Rentler

Paul Rentler is a Artist, designer, Musician, from Columbus Ohio.

His work is a mix of lo-fi photocopy techniques, collage both analog and digital, illustration, screenprinting, and a few other mixed media techniques. The work Focuses on image manipulation and collaging pop elements to create strange, distorted, sometimes comical,

Working with HALTglass the distortion continues with the addition of brilliant colours from hand made out blow glass.